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As you build and destroy,
remain yourself.

20. April 2014

   We are our own individual minds. We are the thoughts that occupy every bit of real in the vastness of an internal jungle of beautiful roses surrounded by weeds. We are the drivers who control the rush of speed that lies beneath the accelerator. We are the teachers and the students. We are the slacker kids who never made it past the pencil sketches of our dreams. We are the stars on the stage with the audience of 10,000. We are what we believe we are and everything we believe we cannot be. We are a concealed identity of wonderment. A brash over exaggeration of perfection. We are the vulnerable actors on a script. The pretenders. The inventors. The gift and the curse. We are the catalysts for change. We are the orchestrators of our own greatness. We are everything. We are nothing. We are whoever the fuck we think we are. We are the masterminds.

Leonardo DiCaprio